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We understand that inner conflicts and behavioural predispositions can manifest as negative, repetitive patterns in the workplace.  Subconscious behaviours are lesser known, unrecognised and rarely addressed causes of workplace distress.  We offer individual consultations and reflective workshops to uncover and redirect these patterns with positive, transformative results.

Consultations at your offices or our Harley Street clinic

Individual Consultations

Individual consultations can be arranged at our Harley Street clinic, or at your office location.  Consultations fall under clinical governance and are highly discreet.  They can be scheduled individually or as part of your annual membership package.


All consultations are tailored to the individual, with the option to include an online diagnostic test to assess Potential, Drive, Risk and Fit.

Reflective Workshops

Our workshops go beyond conventional team building paradigms. We encourage reflection, interaction and actualisation.

By bringing colleagues together and examining the unconscious in a group setting, we will take fragmented, strained relationships and build collaborative, symbiotic workplace relationships.

Our proprietary wellbeing tool allows us to tailor our services to you as an individual rather than categorising you into pre-determined groups based upon behavioural traits.

Understanding one’s own internal world is the first step in creating a healthier, more balanced external environment.

Annual Corporate Membership

Embedding our annual membership into your corporate wellbeing strategy will include:



Individual clinician consultations
(at your office, or our Harley Street clinic)

Reflective workshops
(at your office)

Quarterly Reflective Workshops

The workplace is an environment imbued with considerable demands and conflicts.  Bringing your key decision makers together for collaborative reflection will facilitate symbiotic workplace relationships.  

Our workshops can be held quarterly, annually, or as part of our membership package.

We provide you an opportunity to think about potent variables affecting an organisation’s capacity.  ‘Clear space’ thinking: a place to contemplate and understand how to promote action that is emotionally and intellectually mindful of the business and the people within it.

Individual Consultations

The foundation, health, and livelihood of an organisation depends on its key decision makers having a robust presence of mind..

Our individual consultations can help members of your team gain clarity on their internal mechanisms in order to benefit the wider organisation.

Consultations are strictly confidential and fall under clinical governance.

The benefits of our workshops

We will help your team leverage their collective capability to improve organisational strategy and processes. Scenarios could include:

  • delivering services and products ahead of the competition
  • being economically viable and even more profitable
  • managing a committed, enthusiastic and productive workforce

Ensuring operational tasks are aligned with organisational goals and the task of leadership has the agency to manage all of the above, whilst considering the specific undercurrents latent in all human beings.

Access to our proprietary wellbeing tool

Our online tool has been proven to uncover the subconscious latent potential that is present in all of us but lies beyond the reach of established psychological measurement




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