Sonia Appleby


MBA, MSc. (Health Psychology Research), CQSW, BCP, BPF

Career Synopsis

Ms Sonia Appleby is an experienced coach having worked with board-level executives since 1996 within corporate and public sectors. She is currently the Clinical Director for Rafan House, Harley Street.

Sonia’s coaching style is specifically focused on the place of work and the individual’s performance therein. She works to enable professionals to understand the strengths and constraints of organisational life.  She encourages coaching goals, which also includes exploring manifest and latent obstacles affecting an individual and their performance goals.

Sonia currently provides consultations for senior professionals and clinical groups, by enabling a focus regarding the axes of leadership, professional development and managing uncertainty.

Past Experience

Executive Mentor, Coutts:
Ensuring senior managers achieve organisational and developmental objectives via reflective and systemic consultations.

Counselling in Companies
Managing and being a lead clinician for an Employment Assistance Programme (EAP) providing services for financial sector including building the operational infrastructure with oversight of the recruitment and management of a nationwide network of counsellors and psychotherapists.

Corporate Counsellor, Midland Bank:
Provided counselling services to bank employees



  • Executive Mentorship
  • Mediation



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