Dr Emma Loveridge

Founder and Director

PhD (Cantab), MA (Psych), FRGS

Career Synopsis

Dr Emma Loveridge is founder and Director of Harley Street Executive and an entrepreneur.

In addition to an MA (Psych), she earned a PhD in Theology from Cambridge University. Over the many years of her career, Emma has worked with people and organisations having to make difficult, complex decisions in sensitive and challenging circumstances.

Having trained at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation, the IGA (Institute of Group Analysis) and the TR (Tavistock Relations), she now works with individuals and teams within organisations to address subconscious workplace behaviours that can impede success. She has helped several major organisations retain their top talent through consultations and workshops.

Founder of Harley Street Executive and Rafan House

Harley Street Executive supports organisations in shaping cultures which attract, retain and sustain senior and board-level staff. Dr Loveridge’s consultations cover a wide cross-section of organisations from the corporate, academic and ecclesiastical worlds including Lloyds Bank, Withers Worldwide, CMS, the Church of England, Oxford University and Network Rail.

In 2011 she founded Rafan House, a Harley Street clinic that ensures the continual development of exceptional therapeutic care for families, organisations and schools.

Founder of The Cambridge Code

Emma is one of the founders of The Cambridge Code and heads up the research team at TCC Laboratories, researching ways to understand the underlying development of the mind. She formulated its psychoanalytic evaluation tool with major applications in mental health diagnostics which allows insight into the wellbeing and enrichment of the lives of those who use it.

Past experience

Founder and Director of Wind, Sand & Stars, an enterprise focussed on developing ethical connections, building trading relationships for more than 20 years with the Bedu tribes, bringing trade and a better quality of life to some of the poorest areas of the world.

Director of a post-tsunami relief team of medics, engineers and counsellors in Sri Lanka:
– Directed a large and diverse NGO team, using local resources to facilitate self-running of projects
– Built a substantial organisational structure in situ to continue work among trauma victims




  • Working with individuals and teams
  • Addressing subconscious workplace behaviours

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