A Changed Mind is a Changed Workplace

Written by:  Etain Case

Harley Street Executive Approaches Stress and Burnout via the Subconscious Mind

Stress is a leading cause of workplace burnout.  According to a 2018 Labour Force Survey, 15.4 million working days were lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18*.  While this number represents the entire workforce, pressures at board level have significant, far-reaching impact.  Meeting the expectations of investors, staff and customers can result in a “push through at any cost” culture, to the detriment of the entire organisation.

Harley Street Executive supports senior executives at risk of workplace burnout.   Using a hybrid form of clinical coaching, Harley Street Executive focuses on how subconscious behaviours both hinder and increase organisational growth and stability.

Founder and Director, Dr Emma Loveridge, says: “We’ve found great success helping individuals recognise how their subconscious behaviours influence the workplace, before the symptoms of stress and burnout begin to take their toll.  Quite often, these behaviours are a direct result of what we call the ‘unconscious family’“.


For each of us, the building blocks of our minds begin in the first 1001 days of life.  The relationships we experience during those early days form the bedrock of how we perceive the world and form relationships as adults.   Research by The Cambridge Code Laboratories reveals how early-life interactions dictate the construction of later-life behaviours and attitudes.   This key scientific understanding is corroborated by wider neuroscientific research into early-life relationship influences, as well as those formed in later years.  There are both good and bad examples: a pushy parent, an influential teacher, a school bully.


Tackling stress and workplace burnout from a psychotherapeutic understanding is part of an ever-increasing predilection towards clinically-governed corporate interventions.   Harley Street Executive believes that supporting key decision makers gain greater clarity of their subconscious behaviours will improve wellbeing and affect staff retention, efficacy, investment and growth.

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