About Harley Street Executive

Our mission

We are a specialist team of consultants offering bespoke discussions to senior executives.

Our tailored approach brings the rigour and expertise of the clinical world into your boardroom to strengthen workplace relationships and encourage collaboration between your organisation’s key decision makers.

Through the practical application of clinical methodologies, we will help you leverage your team’s expertise to drive organisational strategy with maximum impact.

“I’ve had a longstanding interest in various models of practice and what may be of benefit for both colleagues and patients, but have seldom heard such a clear and accessible explanation of how unconscious processes can impact on future relationships – both interpersonal and professional”

Dr Marta Buscewicz (London GP)

Helping organisations retain their top talent

We help organisations retain their top talent by offering bespoke individual consultations and reflective workshops to senior and board-level executives.  We provide an opportunity to think about potent variables affecting an organisation’s capacity.

Our offer to your organisation

Harley Street Executive goes beyond traditional corporate coaching.  Operating under clinical governance, we help you navigate minor departmental fluctuations to major organisational crises by addressing inherent subconscious drivers.  We utilise The Cambridge Code, a proprietary diagnostic wellbeing tool.

What makes us unique

Harley Street Executive specialises in clinically-governed discussions for senior executives. Our highly skilled team of consultants offer both individual discussions and reflective workshops to help you manage upheavals that could potentially impede growth and stability.  We encourage internal reflection to effect external transformation.

Individual inner characteristics and their influence in the outer workplace environment

Harley Street Executive was developed by Dr Emma Loveridge to help organisations resolve minor departmental fluctuations to major organisational crises.  During her experience working with corporations, she identified the need for a focused approach towards individual, inner characteristics and their influence on the external workplace environment.

Reaching beyond traditional corporate coaching

Dr Loveridge’s extensive clinical experience and work in the corporate sector revealed a gap in the market for consultations that reach beyond traditional corporate coaching.

The impetus for creating Harley Street Executive was seeing the benefits and outcomes of this methodology in the many organisations she has worked with.

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